Basic Steps To Air Condition System Repair

If you are looking to try to do your air conditioning system repair on your own this guide is here to give you a couple of basic things to look for before you get in too deep. This guide does not apply to ductless air conditioning, but rather only to full air conditioning system repair.

Initial Things To Look For In Your Air Conditioning System Repair

Before you start to do anything for your air conditioning system repair you want to make sure that the simple things are working. First off make sure that the unit has power. Test to see that the outlet is functioning properly and that all of the controls are set properly. In addition there should be a way to turn on the unit at the source. Do that and see what happens. If the unit fires up fine it may be a problem with a faulty thermostat. Many times either the battery will die, the thermostat will lose power, or there could be a loose wire. Starting with these simple steps in your air conditioning system repair can save you countless hours of investigation.

The next thing you want to check is that all of the moving parts are functioning properly. Again you can turn on the air conditioner at the source and check to see what is and is not working properly. Many times a fan can get clogged with dirt and not work properly. A simple cleaning maybe all you need for this air conditioning system repair. Take the time to check and clean each component properly. This will save you time in the long run.

The other trouble spot that needs to be checked before anything else is the air filter. This is often a culprit of many problems and generally should be switched out regardless of what air conditioning system repair is needed. Simply take the filter out and replace it. This will save a ton of wear and tear on a system.

Often times another problem that can plague a system and require an air conditioning system repair is the physical ducts. These can often times become clogged or broken. It is important to visually inspect as much of the ductwork inside and out as possible. This will sometimes lead to some startling revelations, but this component is most likely to fail.

After that you should also check to make sure that there is not a build up of ice inside of the system. This will definitely cause problems and can be easily fixed. Simply turn off the system and let it sit for a couple days.