Basics To Air Conditioning Repair Training

Before you begin your air conditioning repair training in earnest you need to understand the basics of how an air conditioner works. Any air conditioning repair service is going to require that you have these basic skills and knowledge before they hire. Regardless of whether or not you are looking to get air conditioning repair training or not, this information can be very useful if you are looking to learn more about how air conditioners work.

Air Conditioning Repair Training - Understanding How An Air Conditioner Works

Generally speaking there are three main components of an air conditioning system. In order to begin your air conditioning repair training you need to know exactly how each of these systems works and what are some early symptoms of failure in these components.

The first component is the compressor. Inside an air condition system is a collection of hoses and things that look sort of like radiators. Throughout these pipes and tubes flows Freon in both a gas and liquid state. The compressor is what powers and pushes the flow of all this Freon. By changing the size of the tubes the system forces the Freon to change from a gas to a liquid and back again. By doing this energy is expelled and absorbed, and when time properly can cool off air that is passed over the two other components. Generally speaking Freon needs to be added from time to time and the compressor pump needs to be checked to make sure that it is functioning properly.

The next component is the evaporator core. This is generally right after the Freon has been cooled. This component looks like a miniature radiator and usually has a fan attached onto it. The coils of the evaporator core should be cold to the touch and may collect some frost. Air is blown over the coils, cooled, and then sent to the rest of the house or car. This can be a problem spot if the fan stops working or if the coils build up too much frost. Usually you want to make sure that everything in this section is free and clear.

The last component is the condenser. This part is where hot air from inside is cooled before it is sent back over the evaporator to be cooled. This system is important to pre cool the air and make sure that cold air is getting cooled at the evaporator. This ensures and even cooling of the air. This system can be plagued by the same problems as the evaporator core, although frost build up is not one of the problems typically associated with it. Usually if there is a break down in this system in will not be noticed right away but can cause sever problems down the line.