What To Do Before Calling An Air Conditioning Repair Service

An air conditioning system is a complex collection of different components that work in unison together to cool your air. Understanding how all of these components function and work together can save you thousands of dollars in service calls. By knowing which component could be at fault in a problem situation you can save yourself the expensive call to the air conditioning repair service.

Steps To Take Before Calling An Air Conditioning Repair Service

The first thing you want to check before calling an air conditioning repair service is to make sure that the air conditioner is set up properly and receiving power. Sometimes knobs and dials will get bumped and settings will change that can cause your air conditioner to not function properly. I would always start with the power as an air conditioner can sometimes be on a separate breaker that may have been tripped. Check the outlet first, if this is out then check the breaker. Nine times out of ten when a system goes down completely this is the cause.

The next thing that can cause a system to have problems is its being dirty. Check the fans and ducts to see if they are clogged. Make sure that all the fans are spinning and operating properly before calling an air conditioning repair service. You should check this from time to time anyway to keep up the health of your system. These fans will get clogged with dirt and stop operating from time to time, but if you keep the clean and running smooth you should have very little problems with your system. In some cases they may fail completely and need to be replaced, but for the most part this is a simple process.

In addition to the fans, check the filters before calling an air conditioning repair service. These will get clogged over time because that is their job. You need to check these on a regular basis and make sure that they are free and clear so that air can flow freely. I would not try to clean one off but simply replace it, at most hardware stores you can find them for ten to twelve dollars.

If all these things check out you may have to call an air conditioning repair service. Air conditioning system repair is sometimes unavoidable so when it does happen, make sure you have someone reliable in mind to call. Also, always remember to take the proper steps to keep your system up and running.