Air Conditioning: A Danger To The Environment

In countries where the sun shines brightly and hotly it is hard to live without air conditioning. However, it would be wrong to assume that air conditioning is only about making the temperature cool enough to live comfortably though cooling is the essential function of such appliances. In fact, an air conditioner processes air in order to keep the temperature at a certain level of cooling or heating and in doing so will internally either heat or cool the air before ventilating it out into the room.

New York Stock Exchange

The popularity of air conditioning only rose in the early part of the twentieth century when it was used to ensure that the temperature in workplaces was cool enough to allow the workforce to work better and be more productive. Later on it was adapted for use in offices as well as in homes. In fact, the first building to be air conditioned was the New York Stock Exchange and that air conditioning allowed stock brokers to do their business in what was at the time considered truly luxurious environment.

As a matter of fact, air conditioning of the New York Stock Exchange helped boost the productivity of that August institution and this in turn resulted in making the economy as a whole a lot more productive and robust as well. It did not take long before air conditioning began to be more popular and anyone that could afford it began to install air conditioners in their homes and offices. Of course, the early air conditioners were very expensive and so not everyone could afford to own one.

Since air conditioning can help to remove humidity it has certainly found widespread acceptance in countries which experience very hot and humid weather conditions. However, an air conditioner is not very environmentally friendly and it also consumes a lot of electricity. Thinning of the ozone layer is thought to have been caused by the widespread use of air conditioners; however, modern air conditioners do not cause as much harm to the environment as did the early models. Still, there is a lot more than can be done to improve this aspect to air conditioning.

Whenever the temperatures rise to a degree that living indoors becomes unbearable there is an urgent need to make things cool enough in order to work better as well as to relax and sleep. Use of central air conditioning is one way of ensuring that you can improve your productivity as well as enjoy greater relaxation and also get to sleep well during the hot season.