What Is Attention Deficit Disorder: Difficult Children, Or ADD Cases?

Understanding what is attention deficit disorder is important because very often the patient may only be someone that is just difficult to deal with, but who may be wrongly is considered as being affected by attention deficit disorder. The problem is further compounded in the case of young boys that are less than seventeen years of age since they do not develop as fast as women of the same age, and thus may not be as intellectually developed as girls.

Different Stages

Thus, by studying what is attention deficit disorder, it is possible to determine the different stages in the development of the condition, and there are generally three stages that take place. To begin with, the primary stage is when it affects infants who can become fixated on a particular thing for a length of time while disregarding everything else; such infants could be in state of autism.

The second stage in the development of attention deficit disorder occurs when toddlers find various things with which they become interested in while at the same time not being able to concentrate on any one thing for long. This is a classic instance of attention deficit disorder, and when delving deeper into what is attention deficit disorder, it will become apparent that children will need some expert handling to get over their problem.

The third stage in attention deficit disorder is when the child's abilities become matured enough to enable them to focus on things for longer and in which they can control where as well as when they will change their attention and also activity. In this stage, the child will have attained the proper level of concentration to succeed with the classroom work.

However, it may not be right to look at what is attention deficit disorder and think that it is simply an inability to concentrate that is at the root of the problem, because when children suffer from attention deficit disorder, they are not able to choose when as well as where their attention should be concentrated on, and also knowing when to stop.

There is another aspect to understanding what is attention deficit disorder and that is that the child may develop his or her ability to focus on a particular activity with such intensity as to exclude giving attention to everything else, including even breaks. Thus, in such instances, the child may watch the same movie over and over again, or spend time completing the same puzzle repeatedly. It is thus necessary to identify such behavior in its infancy and treat it as early as possible, because otherwise it could lead to worse consequences such as substance abuse and even compulsive behavior.