A Few Different Natural Cures For Attention Deficit Disorder

Natural cures for attention deficit disorder are certainly far more superior to using Ritalin since they help to do more than just cure the attention deficit disorder. The fact is that they are also instrumental in dramatically improving the child's and also the toddler's intelligence as well their ability to concentrate, and it also makes for better learning ability, while also improving their social skill as well as responses, including the making of better bonds between the children and their parents.

Fish Oil High In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Among the ingredients that can be used in natural cures for attention deficit disorder are fish oil that contains plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids that is what makes up about a third of the brain and even nervous system. Also, you can include seafood, more especially sardines and herring as well as trout, and halibut and salmon as well as many more, and in fact using all kinds of fish and seafood that contain 'dark' meat which contain plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids will keep your child from being adversely affected by attention deficit disorder.

And, another ingredient of natural cures for attention deficit disorder that is even better than fish oil is taking at least four ounces of seafood on a daily basis, and the reason is that the brain volume is known to double in the first year in the life of a child thus requiring more Omega-3 fatty acids, which is otherwise known to be in deficiency in normal daily diets.

Given the fact that allopathic drugs that are used to cure attention deficit disorders are known to produce side-effects, which is not a desirable thing; consequently, scientists have become engaged in finding natural cures for attention deficit disorder and among their discoveries was Melissa that is a very effective herb in the treatment of attention deficit disorders.

Melissa is very often used along with different herbal preparations which generally have sedative effects and the best part about using such natural cures for attention deficit disorder is that there is no risk of any ill effects.

Another one of the many natural cures for attention deficit disorder that can be tried is taking oat seeds that are widely available in wild state and which should not have fertilizer or synthetic growth boosters in them, and which will help your child regain his or her calmness that is most desirable for children with hyper excitable attention deficit disorder.

To get the most out of your natural cures for attention deficit disorder, it is also necessary to take other remedial measures including ensuring to reduce stress, improving diet and getting better parental care.