Helping Children with Attention Deficit Disorder to Overcome Obstacles

Attention deficit disorder can be a discouraging condition for a child to deal with, since it can affect many aspects of his life. Many kids with ADD have trouble performing well in school and can have difficulty in their social lives as well. It is also a frustrating disorder for parents to cope with, since it is hard to understand why a child cannot focus on a task or do school work that he is capable of. This is why it is so important for parents of children with attention deficit disorder to seek help for their children, and to get assistance themselves in helping their children deal with their specific issues.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

There are three basic symptoms that are analyzed in the case of children with attention deficit disorder, but the symptoms alone do not mean that the disorder is present. The three signs to watch out for are inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. These symptoms must have been present for six months or more, and at least one of the signs should have been noticed before the age of seven. It is also important to note that the symptoms must be getting in the way of daily life in two or more realms including school, home or social life.

To accurately diagnose a child with attention deficit disorder, he should be seen by a medical profession who has had some experience with this disorder. This might include a psychiatrist, psychologist or educational specialist. The best place to begin if you suspect you have a child with attention deficit disorder is with your family doctor or pediatrician. This person will be able to give your child an initial evaluation and refer you to the proper professional for further diagnosis and treatment options.


There are a number of options in treatment for children with attention deficit disorder. One of these options is medication, which can be quite effective at controlling the symptoms so that you child can learn techniques for managing his disorder. Other effective treatment options for children with attention deficit disorder might include a variety of behavior therapies or psychotherapy. You might also find that a support group is helpful so that you and your child do not feel quite so isolated in dealing with this disorder. With an early diagnosis and effective treatment strategies, your child can learn to work through his obstacles for a higher quality of life.