You Can Get Attention Deficit Disorder Tests On Line

Although if you suspect you have attention deficit disorder (ADD), you should go to your doctor for an expert diagnosis, you might want to be sure you need to make the appointment. To save you some time and worry, you might want to take attention deficit disorder tests on line. If you take the tests and they indicate you do not have ADD, best make that doctor's appointment anyway. You might have a thyroid condition that needs treating.

For Adults

If you had ADD as a child and thought it was all over years ago, you might be wrong. Many children with ADD grow up to be adults with ADD. If you are wondering if the symptoms have truly come back, then you can take attention deficit disorder tests on line. You need to search for the CAARS self test. CAARS is short for Conners' Adult Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder Scale. (Somewhere in there are all of the letters for CAARS).

There are long versions and short versions of these attention deficit disorder tests on line. The long test has 66 questions, but the short version is not that much shorter. There are nine scales to rate just how bad you have ADD, if at all. These scales are based on things like inattention and memory problems, impulsiveness, how you think of yourself (your self concept) and how physically restless you are.

The CAARS test is not free. You have to pay about $42 for it. But it is considered the leading self-diagnositc ADD tool. For a free attention deficit disorder test on line, you can go to the Counseling Resource website ( for a six question quick questionnaire.

For Children

If you suspect your child has ADD, there is a free attention deficit disorder test on line available for you. This is found at the HealthActCHQ site ( You have to be honest, and think about how your child has been behaving for the past six months. The focus of this is to see if your child's behavior is negatively impacting the whole family.

Another free attention deficit disorder test on line for helping to determine if your child has ADD can be found at The Add Clinic site ( This is a test derived in 1999 that is only twelve questions long. Again, you must be honest about your child's behavior on it in order to get an accurate rating.