Some Of The Attention Deficit Disorder Medications

Attention deficit disorder medications are becoming more and more known these days and the number of available attention deficit disorder medications is growing as well. As doctors attribute more symptoms to the condition the number of attention deficit disorder medications grows to address the new symptoms. It is always a good idea to have an idea of what some of the more popular attention deficit disorder medications do and what their potential side effects may be so here is a quick run down of the more popular attention deficit disorder medications and what you can expect from these attention deficit disorder medications.


Ritalin is probably the best known of the attention deficit disorder medications but yet people know very little about what it does or what the potential side effects can be. Ritalin is designed to basically calm the patient down and it is effective when taken only using the explicit directions of your doctor. Some of the side effects are weight loss, decrease in appetite, unexplained headaches, stomachache, and a potential increase in agitation. It works usually within thirty to sixty minutes and is effective in over seventy percent of the patients that use it.


Focalin is a more expensive version of Ritalin but the reason doctors prescribe it is because it is less likely to cause sleeplessness or loss of appetite. It is to be taken only as prescribed but usually it is taken in the evening to offset any of its other effects. It can also cause headaches and a potential increase in patient agitation but, as was mentioned before, it does not have as many side effects as Ritalin.


Concerta is a long acting tablet that does not need to be taken as often as the other attention deficit disorder medications. It can be used in doses up to as much as 72 mg a day but it is unusual that a doctor would need to prescribe that much in one day and very unusual for a doctor to prescribe more than that in a daily dose. The side effects include insomnia, a loss of appetite that can usually lead to a weight loss, unexplained but fairly severe headaches, and an unexplained upset stomach. You are not to cut or crush Concerta as the tablets must be taken whole. It usually begins working within thirty to sixty minutes, but since it is a slow acting medication that releases throughout the day it is advised that you follow the treatment schedule your doctor gives you very closely to avoid overdose or an increase in side effects.