What To Do About Attention Deficit Disorder In The Workplace

Attention deficit disorder in the workplace is a condition covered by the American With Disabilities act. Therefore employers are required to make special arrangements in the workplace for people with attention deficit disorder. However it is not always necessary to make any changes in the workplace if you have attention deficit disorder because many people with attention deficit disorder are able to perform their jobs at a high level as long as they remain under a doctor's care. Other people with attention deficit disorder feel like they do not want to bring it up to their employer for fear that the employer will not understand. If you need arrangements made to help you with your attention deficit disorder in the workplace then the only way to get what you need is to talk to your employer.

Many people, including employers, do not understand attention deficit disorder in adults and therefore need education before they can be expected to act properly on it. Sit down with your employer, and possibly your doctor, and discuss your symptoms and how your attention deficit disorder might affect the workplace so that you can all come to an agreement about any special accommodations you may need. You may find your employer more understanding than you ever expected and the arrangements may be easy to make. Until you sit down and talk with your employer you will never really know.

Piece By Piece

Probably the best way to find out if you need special accommodations for your attention deficit disorder is to make a list of what you do each day for your job. From that list you, your employer, and your doctor can then outline exactly what is needed for you to complete your daily tasks without interruption to your job production. Make sure you get into every detail of every task as attention deficit disorder is treated on an individual basis and not everyone requires the same arrangements. It is important that your employer understand why you need these special arrangements so that he or she knows exactly what you need. There is nothing more frustrating than working in general terms and watching your employer waste money because you are not able to explain completely the proper arrangements.

ADD and how it affects the workplace is something many people do not understand and something many employers are not accustomed to having to make special arrangements for. If you work closely with your employer, along with your doctor, then you not only make your life at work easier and more productive for yourself. But now you have helped that employer be prepared to help any of their future employees that may be afflicted with attention deficit disorder.