Finding Success for a Student with Attention Deficit Disorder in School

Attention deficit disorder is a difficult challenge for a child to overcome, especially once the school years hit. It is very important for parents of an ADD child to prepare their child and the teacher of their child for what lies ahead with attention deficit disorder in school. It is easy for these children to develop a low self esteem in response to the realization that they might be "different" from their peers, and through the obstacles that get in their path during the course of learning. Parents can do much in helping with the low self esteem issue by educating themselves and their child about what it looks like to deal with attention deficit disorder in school.

The Three R's

No, we are not talking about reading, writing and 'rithmetic, although these three components will be affected by how attention deficit disorder in school is addressed. The three R's to an ADD child that will lead to better performance in school include routine, regularity and repetition. Studies have shown that these three elements will greatly assist a child in dealing with his attention deficit disorder in school, since ADD kids tend to have difficulty with change and disruptions to the routine. This means that your child will do best in the same classroom, with the same teacher and students all year long.

What Works

Parents can communicate with a child's teacher the need for structure and close monitoring of the student's work as a coping strategy for attention deficit disorder in school. Since ADD kids respond well to a nurturing environment that is laced with plenty of praise, try to find a teacher for you child that is in control of the class, but warm and friendly as well. Small bits of praise will go far with a child who is already struggling with self esteem issues. Smaller class sizes are also helpful, since it will allow your child to get the individual attention that he may need at times.

Since many children with ADD are on daily medication, it is important to find a teacher who is comfortable with discreetly ensuring that your child gets his necessary doses throughout the day. Part of dealing with attention deficit disorder in school is making sure that a child has the necessary medicines without calling attention to the fact or embarrassing the child. Some children with ADD also benefit from working with speech or occupational therapists throughout the school day.

Attention deficit disorder in school does not have to be an impossible challenge. With a bit of preparation and education for everyone involved, your ADD child can succeed in school.