ADD In Children: Symptoms Include Inattention, Hyperactivity And Impulsiveness

Attention deficit disorder in children is usually manifested in the form of symptoms of inattention as well as impulsiveness and even hyperactivity, and such symptoms are usually noticed in children before they have attained the age of seven and will be present in different settings such as school and home, and which impair the child's ability to function properly as witnessed in difficulties in school and sometimes even in social situations.

Inattentive Type

However, there are three types of attention deficit disorder in children of which the most predominant one is inattentive type, and in this form, the symptoms that the child suffers from include a number of conditions including failing in giving close attention to details and being careless in homework, having difficulty with being able to sustain attention while performing tasks or when engaged in play, not listening when being spoken to directly, and not being able to follow instructions, and being prone to not completing chores, schoolwork, and also being disorganized.

There are also symptoms of attention deficit disorder in children that are of a hyperactive type and in which the child will suffer from fidgetiness with hands and feet, leaving seat in classroom when remaining seated is required, running about or climbing needlessly in an inappropriate manner, experiencing difficulty to play quietly and when engaged in leisure activities, seemingly being driven by a motor, talking excessively, and not being able to await his or her turn while playing games, and even blurting out answers to questions before they have been completed.

Other symptoms of attention deficit disorder in children are those that are of a combined type in which there may be various symptoms of both inattentive type and hyperactive type, and if you suspect that there is reason to believe that there is a chance that your child is suffering from attention deficit disorder, you must show him or her to a pediatrician and discuss the problem with him.

However, not every pediatrician will treat attention deficit disorder in children; so, you will need to get a referral in case your pediatrician does not deal with the problem. Also, at present, there are no tests available to help in determining whether a particular child may be suffering from attention deficit disorder, and the pediatrician will often need to evaluate the child by looking at the attention deficit disorder rating scales to see whether the child has any of the symptoms mentioned above.