Attention Deficit Disorder Affects You In Childhood And Can Continue Even Into Your Adult Years

Attention deficit disorder or ADD for short is a condition that is psychosomatic and it is mostly seen to be a problem with learning as well as disorders related to behavior, and it is mostly diagnosed as a problem with children though it is more commonly found to affect male infants than females. In fact, attention deficit disorder is known to begin during childhood though it can even affect a person in his or her adult years, and it is characterized with anti-social behavior, which however are absent in children suffering from the problem.

Common Symptoms

The common symptoms of attention deficit disorder in children include being inattentive and behaving impulsively and sometimes when the condition becomes hyperactive, there is difficulty felt in doing homework, or even conducting a conversation, and affected persons generally take risks and thus are more liable to get injured accidentally. Inattentiveness that is a common symptom of attention deficit disorder can lead to committing careless mistakes and it also results in not being able to complete given tasks as well as not being a good listener and generally suffering from forgetfulness in the daily routines.

There are other symptoms as well that include being impulsive and frequently interrupting conversations and not being patient as well a saying the answer prior to even the question being completed. And, in adults, attention deficit disorder leads to taking of risks while also being careless as well as impulsive and not being able to manage time too well. In addition, their lives are generally without a structure and there is also little if any self-control or even self-motivation.

The worst part about attention deficit disorder is the difficulty in diagnosing the problem and even providing proper treatment is difficult, especially because there are accompanying mood disorders and even other follies are committed such as substance abuse and psychological disorders. At one time, the medical fraternity thought that the condition that affected children as also adolescents would soon disappear once the person became an adult, though now it is known that if the condition is not treated in time, it can lead to further problems for the person affected as well as his/her family.

Thus, there is need for a person suffering from attention deficit disorder to get timely medical attention and not leave it untreated thinking that it will soon disappear because that is not the case. Seeking immediate medical help will put the affected person less at risk of doing something that will later be regretted, and given that people with this condition will often take to doing risky things, it must be brought under control at the earliest.

Children Are Most Affected

In fact, attention deficit disorder is a condition that is more and more affecting children and especially in kids of celebrities as well as notable personalities, and the symptoms of attention deficit disorder in such children are more or less the same as found in normal children. However, there is also a need to understand as to what attention deficit disorder really is, and according to first reports, it is a behavioral disorder or even mental as well as neurological syndrome. In fact, it has also been ascribed as being a brain condition that does not allow the sufferer to focus properly.

And, since a patient of ADD cannot focus, he or she will not be able to concentrate which can turn into a serious condition since without focus and concentration; it is not possible to achieve much in life. Furthermore, according to figures pertaining to attention deficit disorder in the United States, it is believed that almost two percent to five percent of children that are of school going age will show symptoms of the condition, while in adults it affects about two to four percent people, though rarely is the condition diagnosed in adults.

The reason why it is so hard to diagnose the symptoms in adults is that they have been suffering from the condition since their childhood and during those years, the manifestations were clear though with the passage of time, the patient will have become more mature both mentally as well as physically. Thus, along with maturity comes new knowledge and skills which will then be used by the person to deal with the condition of attention deficit disorder, and thus it is much harder to properly diagnose the condition.

What's more, having attention deficit disorder will make life a lot harder for you to live and it thus must be treated by a medical health professional, and in spite of having developed your own coping mechanisms to deal with the problem, there can also be instances when these will fail you and thus you will need professional help.