Photography Is a Wonderful Invention

Photography captures images on film that can be saved for hundreds of years. Ancestors from years past have their images captured on film so their descendants can have knowledge about the people that came before them. These photographs from the past can offer incredible insight into the history of a family. The resemblances to living family members that appear in pictures of ancestors from many years ago are astounding. Looking at these images can be great fun for all members of a family. Without photography the information about the past might be lost forever.

The joy of photography comes from the images that capture the progress of current family members. The wonderful photos of the first birthday of a beautiful child surrounded by parents, siblings and grandparents capture a memorable moment of family history. The first day of kindergarten can be captured with the tools of photography and saved for many years until that child can show his or her own children. These images will provide great conversation pieces for many years to come. The images of ceremonies of graduation from school and friends present on a graduation day can also be captured with a camera and film. Today these images can also be captured as digital images.

Photography Provides Pictures of the Past

Images of family members are great pieces of family history, but other pieces of history are also captured through the tools provided by photography. Each city grows every year and the changes go unnoticed at times because the changes are gradual. The photography that captured the images of a city fifty or a hundred years ago provides a visual history of a city. The changes help to understand how the city has evolved. Some cities have added modern buildings that replace ranches or farms. The information captured in pictures of these areas can be fascinating to the current residents.

Photography captures the history of a country so that all of the citizens will have vivid images of the leaders and people of the country. The images of the heroes of military battles and historic moments are valuable for all the people in the country. The photography that captured a new President delivering a speech on inauguration day provides a glimpse into the past that is available for hundreds of years. The photograph of brave men raising the flag at different historic occasions inspires citizens around the country for many decades. Brilliant inventors developed tools to capture images to save forever.